• facelesswolf 6w


    People tend to overlook the love someone give to them just because of what they went through before. I know it's a hurtful and a scary thing, to even think that the cycle is going to repeat, to think what if this relationship ends like before, what if the love fades away eventually like it does before, and what if everything ends up in frustration like it was before. Think for once, just because your past isn't that favourable, it doesn't mean that your future won't be and its true that every relationship has its own hurdles and struggles, but that's the deal. Nothing comes easy. So instead of thinking about the negative sides, look at the bright sides. What if, this is it?

    I wrote this because I realized, that sometimes in life, we push our one and only, afraid that they're not meant to be ours just because what we've experienced before.