• dipanjan_b 10w

    Distiled flavours of amorous touch,
    I have loved you true.
    I have weaved a castle of dreams,
    Beneath the boundless blue.

    The drops of rain that drench my soul,
    And bring me petals along.
    They speak of love that holds you close,
    My heart can feel it strong.

    Those vibes of pink that lingers down,
    And fills my stream of blood.
    They bring me waves of amative love,
    Creating a delirious flood.

    I cherish the moments I had held,
    Those fingers soft and warm.
    The fragrance wafted down my soul,
    Your breath was like a storm.

    A thousand miles beyond the blue,
    We strolled for a million days.
    No calls to face, no human race,
    Had ever hindered our ways.

    I dreamt each day, a million dreams,
    Where I had held you close.
    A distant land where bliss prevails,
    And wings had adorned the rose.

    Where clouds had faces and they could speak,
    They wished us happy life.
    We sauntered through those foliage lush,
    And you had been my wife.

    No eyes to stare, no lips to say,
    Just we two in our world.
    No conflicts hurled those stones of dread,
    No greed for gems or gold.

    These pleasing dreams with wings to fly,
    Could take us beyond the blue.
    We could rule the world of love,
    If these dreams were true.

    Amid those dreams, I saw a dream,
    That forced my nerves to groan.
    I strolled so careless by the sea,
    And I was all alone.

    A whisper came with the gust of wind,
    And I heard your trembling voice.
    My time has come to the final turn,
    And trust me, I had no choice.

    I will gaze through all thy days,
    And fill thy life with grace.
    I just want to see you smile,
    And win through every race.

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