• jamaree_writes_poems 6w

    My Point Of View

    "I'm never the one to let my pride get in the Way,
    On how I'm feeling and what I have to Say,
    I don't feel like I'm in the same world as the others Are,
    Like if I'm in a galaxy of my own that is very Far,
    My eyes are wide open but I don't have my Vision,
    As I'm not able to view what's in front of me with Precision,
    What's really going on with me? Why is all of this Occurring?,
    My heart is in my chest but it's not beating as the blood isn't Transferring,
    I mean I can feel everything with the slightest touch and my nose can sense any Smell,
    So how could it not detect the scent that I'm in that place where it's constantly burning, which is Hell?,
    Can you guys see the picture that I'm trying to Paint?,
    A no holds barred type of approach to this piece so y'all don't have to worry about any Restraint,
    If you guessed that I was describing how I see myself, then you're correct and I didn't even have to give you guys a Clue,
    This is really the portrait I see when I'm judging myself from my point of View ..."