• kingjosu 9w

    And that's the problem with me. I see only the goodness in people, at first. If I like you, than would brush off all your flaws. If my heart start beating for you, then even if you hurt me, I will forgive you, without you even being sorry. If I like your smile, then I would do anything to make you feel special and to make you laugh. I won't be tired of talking to you, ever. And yes, of course, it hurts when you break my sweet little dream by not giving back the same pure warmth. I feel the tears rolling down my soul. I feel terrible, yes. But I will always be like this, too happy to soon. I love this innocent, childlike, pure heart of mine. If I liked you, I will like you forever, no matter what you do to me. So yes, you can play with me and throw me out. I will still like you, because, hey, I liked you. And I don't lie.