• emmaludl 5w

    A long poem, TRUTH.

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    Truth is a dark thing,
    But we fake it being light,
    The truth we say is a lie,
    But that's hidden by our fright.

    A truth that's deep,
    A truth that brings pain,
    It harms, and heals,
    Like a pounding rain.

    We believe in truth,
    But we don't show it,
    So what is the point,
    To even know it?

    I'll stand tall,
    Reveal all my truths to you,
    So listen to me,
    Then reveal a few too.

    But if you dont want to,
    Trust me, i understand,
    It's hard to reveal something,
    That's being kept on a tight strand.

    Something to cover up,
    Something to hide,
    But is it really right,
    To keep truth on the other side?

    Truth, deep and dark,
    Truth, dark and deep,
    Sure truth can be,
    Remarkably steep.

    I'll listen to you,
    But just listen to me,
    So that we can get this done,
    Then you'll be stronger, you'll see.