• natalia9000 6w

    Bad fruit

    You look at someone, and you can already taste the bitterness on your tongue.
    You talk to someone and it's as if you're eating the sourest fruit in the world.
    You hear them laugh and the jealousy comes to you before you even notice it.

    It's called disgusting hatred, honey.

    You try to steal the show, yet you are humiliated the most.
    You attempt to keep your place in the room, but you are lesser than a rat compared to that someone; smiling and joyful.

    No one craves that flavor.

    You know you're the best, but they're just too impressive.
    You know you're wiser than them, for you are a magnificent poet, but they're just better than you.

    I'd throw up if I ate that fruit.
    I know you would too. Don't lie.