• mr_versifier 5w

    By unknown writer

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    Your contact name is micro
    Should i change it to quark !!!
    Though small n cute by appearance,
    Nothing less than potent spark

    Probably fiesty by nature
    Quite ready witted with tongue
    Loves to fight with another 'charge'
    With countless wars unsung

    With my agent planted,
    Got to know the skills bestowed,
    Being ACE on the keys,
    Your second love is code.

    As we all know the first one,
    Famous talks of Dobby and Owner,
    Unable to comprehend ur Instagram post
    Hence can't be the movie donor

    I still got eyes on that book shelf
    Its photo you shared for the record
    To my rescue in this endeavour
    We share this unwritten accord

    Last year it was two paragraphs
    So this time i went for amplifier
    As eighteen upgraded to nineteen
    So is spark to growing fire

    Happy Birthday Micro