• jmacthedream 75w

    The State of Happy

    I have traveled many miles to find this place:

    To finally experience a new state of happy.

    I left behind a life I couldn't face

    And searched for a world that better fit me.


    The grass was greener on the other side,

    So I jumped the fence to see for myself.

    I made it over in plain daylight

    And landed so gently with the grass's help.


    Bruised and tired, I completed my travel.

    I fought off a monster and I faced a demon

    Who helped me understand why I fought this battle-

    Why I have suffered beyond reason.


    The feelings I felt when I changed my ways

    arrived so quickly and continued in waves.

    I quickly moved forward and counted my days

    Remembering why I moved to this place.


    I don't regret moving to a state of happy

    For reasons that are hard to express.

    I can now live freely with a light within me

    That burns away any darkness that's left.