• smartsam 6w

    Live Forever trophy!

    Every beautiful female
    will turn an old broken woman.
    Each handsome man
    wil be ticked into coffin.

    All those bragging riches
    will have their terrible glitches.
    Troubled of what unknown
    they will seek baba's spell and fortune witches!

    Many in attention basking
    will die sudden unknown.
    Forgotten will those
    once world seeked attention!

    All glitter will be lost
    Charm and prettiest
    slowly and surely
    will be lost.

    No one will remember them.
    Of those once
    world talked so often.

    Time keeps changing
    uncertainty hacks befalling.
    Of those smiling always
    will remain then forth bewailing.

    Life is so short
    why then man keeps bragging?
    Not a moment can he take back.
    Before birth already in death.
    When he is been tagged in !

    Be humble, be kind.
    loving and be happy.
    May happiness overtake you.
    Know almighty loving God Jehovah
    Get life forever young
    everlasting trophy!