• prithviraj28 35w

    If We Ever Be Alone

    I have always wondered what it'd be like to be alone with you.
    To not have all other people talk over your voice.
    We both look at each other
    Thinking, they disappearing is not our choice.

    No, but, seriously, if I ever call you home when I am alone,
    Don't go over to the medical store.
    No transmittable diseases for the soul, right?

    I don't wish to see what's under your clothes,
    I wish to see what's under your skin.
    All the pain and happiness that the blood in your veins carry.

    We'll make some tea, or coffee if you want to.
    We'll read a book and watch a movie, too.
    I just want to talk to you
    And see your eyes talking back to me.

    And then as you fall asleep I'll go over to the roof and thank the night sky
    For letting it be,
    For letting you be,
    For letting us be.