• laughing_soul 31w

    Ego v/s Love

    Allow me to explain you the difference between Ego and Love. One a violent uproar the other a soothing whisper.

    One hiding behind a shoddy facade
    with baseless walls
    made up of guilt, fears, insecurities and doubts,
    while the other Ethereal that can endure any storm.

    Ego the sissy cat lives in a crumbly enclosure
    and believes it to be a den.
    Love the essence of life, so sublime,
    lives carefree like a bird in open air,
    the heart of its lover believes it to be a golden nest,
    a palace made of faith, trust, beliefs and hopes,
    hence for misunderstandings there is no scope.

    Love, a mystic flower blooms enduring every hurdle,
    for its a feeling beyond possessing the other Soul.
    Ego my friends, a nasty bubble destroys a beautiful relationship
    for its an obsessed sadistic psycho who enjoys to control.

    One a soothing whisper, the other a violent uproar..