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    "I miss the small nuainces of life is ,"she said as she looked out of the window.
    As her friend looked at her over the coffee ,"hmm!'

    'Yes ! didn't know the night is so beautiful!',she laughed dryly.
    'Is it ?'
    'Well! it is.. Even I didn't know .The Night marries Evey day.It likes throwing parties.And the star studded city lights are all the glitter ...and the .music of the vehicles.'

    Sudha mocked,,'Are you ok?," I hope it's not fever".

    'No...it's not !"she retorted.Im the best now.And it's true I miss things a lot.And most of all I miss myself'.
    Sudha,'Yeah!! don't worry I m there.'

    'You are !!'... that I know,'and continued laughing madly.I am not there ..Yes! I am not there.I never was for myself.I never took side for myself.I was not there, Sudha..not there."
    She hid her face and laugh faded into tears.. melting down her cheeks.....and...she tried to stop with her hands and said......

    'Seee!!.I told you .And I'm not there.I was there for every one around me.Mending my ways for them and changing myself for them.But no one likes the changed me.Im complex...'..

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    I am complicated enough....