• aceofhorrors 23w

    Light and Evil (Part 3)

    The whole town is lit constantly to scare the evil away. Zalu's lighting system is slowly progressing. Right now, it's still in the medieval age. The curse does have benefits to the village; their technology is more advanced than any normal city upon Earth. Our immune systems can take out any virus or super-bug instantly while victims outside suffer in agony.

    Concurrently, I am gazing at the treeline upon the porch of my new home. It's cozy and modern. My life outside was mainly in campgrounds because I love to travel.

    Tonight is the Gloomy Lottery, a ceremony where every Zulalians travel to Selphine's mansion to drink, dance, chat, and a lucky drawing. Everyone is given a number. A number will be drawn within two hours of the ceremony. Whoever gets picked, they are the chosen one. It's an adventure for them; a journey to freedom. After the celebration is done, they venture off beyond the light and into the trees. Legends say that past the treeline is the portal to the normal world. The chosen one's task is to leave this place and bring back more humans.

    Sadly, none of them have returned. High priests told us that they envisioned them only leaving the portal . They are labeled as rotten flesh: traitors to Zalu.

    My eyes focused on the woods. I am trying to estimate how many miles of trees until the portal. I think more than twenty miles. It's hard to assume with an eternal night sky. I am still wondering how high priests can see beyond our sight. Maybe they are superhuman? A creature? Past chosen ones? I am eager to know.

    The wind suddenly gusts. Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! The banshees shriek in a chorus. Initially, it annoyed me, but now, I endure it. Their cries originate from the woods. That's the only demonic sounds I've heard thus far. If there were other demons, why can't I hear their cry? Darkness and other buildings prevent me from seeing their forms as well. As an adventurer, I am always curious. If my wonder takes over me, it's irresistible.

    After a few moments, the wails subsided. A new sound arise in the echo: a proud wolf howl. That's the sign to come to Selphine's mansion. I went back inside and remove my cloak. Contrast to others', mine is dark grey with white edges. I let the light expose my black tuxedo. I may not be a male with a formal desire, but I've grown used to it.

    "Once again, the yearly ceremony." I heavily sigh before leaving my home. I am with a crowd of civilians. We slowly walk towards the mansion with ecstasy. Despite living in darkness, we've learned to cope with conflicts and bond within our society.

    My eyes widen with familiar thrill once I see Selphine's mansion. It's glowing with multicolored lights, a fluorescent fog that emits an angelic glow, and heavy music that makes my heart shake. The aura inside the mansion is radiating excitement. I fight myself from overwhelmingly fainting. Mostly, everyone is heading towards the dance room. Literally, everyone, including myself. Beforehand, the guards at the gate hand me my lottery ticket number.

    237 is my lucky number this year.

    A major pat on my shoulder brings me into a complete standstill. It was from Cain, the same guy who visited me on my first night here. Well, hostility. He turned out to be an awesome guy. His golden eyes flare up as he smiles at me brightly.

    "Hello, Sy!" He chimes as we high five each other.

    "Long time, no see." I've replied sarcastically. The last time we hung out was yesterday. There's no difference in time; time doesn't exist. We also don't have Sun, seasons, and temperature swings. Temperature remains constant throughout the whole year.

    "Hoping to be picked in the Gloomy Lottery?" He asked.

    "Yes," I admit without hesitation, "I want to do an adventure."

    "Sheesh, Sy, you always want to shine above two hundred Zulians," he humorously comments.

    I notice his eyes become black, his normal eye-color. I thought he was an undercover demonic creature, but he wasn't. He told me that he was just like me four centuries ago. He also told me his human name: Cameron. As a Zulian, your name will change. My human name is Tyler. Once I've became a Zulian, I am Sy. Unique name, huh? All of us have unique names; we have conformity.

    "I am not trying to chase fame. I just wanna explore," I said.

    Cain and I begin walking again. We've headed inside the ballroom. The sounds of chatter and music blow into my eardrums. This is the heart of the ceremony. If you can't endure the noise, you better stay away as far as possible; this music can be heard miles away. I live about two-thirds away from Selphine's mansion and the music is still alive.

    "I've still remembered when you were a new flesh," he says with a smile, eyes turning to green. New flesh is a term for a newcomer in Zula.

    "How many years ago? I've lost track of years and days..." I asked him hesitantly.

    He bursts into fits of laughter. "You still gotta learn more things. Time elapses slower than the outside world; however, why are you so worried about time since we never age? Immortality, Sy! No Earthling possesses that!"

    "I guess three to five years," I estimate.

    "Whatever, figure it out on your own. I am gonna see my girl. Catch ya soon!" He informs before disappearing into the partying crowd. I trail away from the crowd to find the buffet full of mouth-watering food and tasty beverages. I grab a class of blackberry punch.

    I took a small sip. Immediately, a splash of berry flavors makes my taste buds dance. So refreshing after drinking water all year round. Why can't Selphine let us have sugary drinks more often? It's much better than the outside.

    "I wouldn't drink that if I were you," a soft, warm voice emerges from behind me. I spun around to see a mystical woman. Her skin is soft and clear. The woman's hair is platinum blond and flows past her mid-back. Some parts of her flesh were covered with green-bluish mermaid scales.

    "Wh-Why not?" I ask while not taking her seriously.

    "Just don't," Her voice turns stern as her face goes flat.

    "Miss, don't be vague; you have to give a reason why!" I order.

    She just stares at me. Her eyes turn glossy orange. "In a few hours, when you crawl closer to oblivion, you shall know why." She reassures.