• abuted 9w

    I thought of her all the time. She was my first crush, my first love. Went through life unable to express how I felt about her. She had no clue. I got to meet her and it always gave me butterflies. Expressing what I felt might have pushed her away. I would lose the love of my life. Couldn't risk that.

    Days passed, years went by, we went away our seperate ways in life and still couldn't express what I felt about her. One fine day, she comes back into my life and stares at me, no words neeeded to be spoken between us. She understood what I was keeping hidden away. She was here and she's here to stay.

    She pours out her love for me. More than what I expected. She is crazy about me. Wonder why I was hesitating in the first place. I am the love of her life.