• _sun_shine_1073 10w

    Unspoken love letters

    Momentary, he was coming only to get a glance at me,
    Daily buying Dvd's from me he almost made a century

    Having ecstasy, shyness and carrying blossoms in my heart,
    Explaining what do we both feel was just really very hard

    The days went off as the water flows,
    But his unfading love took us daily more close

    Unfortunately, the day arose,
    When he wasn't there almost making a seven day course

    I was waiting n waiting looking at the gate,
    What the thing has happened for his love to fate?

    At last, I broken my patience,
    N made a way towards his house making motion

    I entered in his house,
    Searching for my cheese like a little mouse,

    Coincidentally, I directly took my ship towards his room,
    Seeing his frame on the wall with a lightning candle,
    my heart was conquered by groom

    Now my eyes were full of tears,
    I whispered, " where u have went my dear♡?"

    Falling n crying I saw a box,
    Full of Dvd's now my eyes were searching like a cop

    Every Dvd was unopened,
    Which led my every letter to him unspoken

    The letters were full of my emotions, my feelings,
    I wished he could have opened it before this heavy delaying

    Kissing my cheeks my tears scrolled,
    I whispered, "you went alone, leaving behind a broken soul........................"