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    Context Of The STORY -------
    It was the day when I was home alone ......
    My parents were gone for an visit for a few days,
    Also I had a prep thing going on,
    As my Dec. Exams were going to happen,
    I was preparing 3 chapters a day that I started 10 days before the Economics Exams ,
    Also the day my parents left the home I have to prepare 3 huge chapters ....
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    A Day That Wasn't Real

    The story starts from the previous day itself,
    As I was home alone I was free to do anything and everything,
    But also I have to complete my chapters ,
    So I opened a video of study music in my LED TV,
    Which was for 4 straight hours ,
    So I was also taking some breaks in between ,
    It think it's time to start the unreal day story,
    After 12:30 I was exhausted and took a break,
    I prepared myself a coffee and I switched from study music on YouTube to horror short films on YouTube,
    But luckily or unluckily I watched only 3 short films,
    And that too of people being home alone,
    In one there was a kid in the woods alone with the threat of zombies,
    In another there was a girl who had an intruder outside her house ,
    So after a while I got back to study and completed my chapter ,
    Afterwards at 4am
    I Watched Ludo On Nextflix for straight 2-3hours,
    Also I consumed a lot of Cold drink and soup during late movie,
    After watching the Movie I slept at 6:30 am for only 1 hour,
    As I had to go for accounts class also ,
    So after I woke up I just steadily got ready and locked up my house properly and attended my class,
    Afterwards I came home feeling too much drowsy and sleepy,
    As I look outside It was all goofy atmosphere with greyish sky,
    So I turned on YouTube on TV and listened to old classic bollywood songs,
    It was because somehow I was craving for it ,
    I listened to o babuji,Johnny walker songs and chalti ka Naam gaadi songs while I washed dishes and prepare myself an omelette to eat with an bread,
    After eating it I Was so sleepy that at 10am ,
    I slept for like 6-7 hours straight,
    I woke up at 5 pm and that too not by my own but by my cousin sister's call,
    As she asked me to teach her accounts as I am one year senior to her,
    So I rushed to my Nani house which was just a street away,
    And I planned that I will reach home at 6 or 7 pm,
    *But as I started teaching her the time flew away as fast as the cheetah,
    It was like 8:30 pm and my mom had reached home,
    She called me to inform me about dinner,
    Than i told her I'm teaching charu so I'll come at 9 pm,
    But when I reached home I was welcomed by a loud voiced scolding,
    (As she told me to turn on the lights at evening whenever I was home alone,
    But I expected myself home before the evening ,which was surely a failed Idea because *refer up),
    So I told her that I had nothing for the day except an omellete that she didn't believe,
    However I was lucky enough to get a proper meal with chapati and vegetable,with a bliss of some rice,
    That night I slept for even too long....

    (This was a nighmarish experience for me as I expected to plan my day more excitedly as I have prepared for all my chapters,
    But it turned out to be a doomsday for me which stole almost a whole day from me and I was left with just few hours ,
    A whole day just vanished for me like thanos had left the half world empty,
    It was a day that was the shortest day of my life also a very dark and depressing one ....)