• writtenbysabrina 9w

    What is peace?

    Each day I feel like it’s getting harder to breathe, like my anxiety fights till the death of me. And depression just feels like a trapped cell with water closing in on me.
    Getting out of bed seems like mission impossible, sleep isn’t sleep anymore, it’s an escape from reality;

    My thoughts are dangerous , don’t get too close to me. Putting on a mask to hide my emotions, clearly no one can see.
    Or at least it feels that way, is it just me?
    Or am I going insane.

    My mind is making it hurt to think. Happens at night when I overthink. Loneliness follows me everywhere, it’s like death shadowing me. Isolating every part of my being. I don’t want to go, I just want to be relieved but it seems like happiness is out of my reach. Maybe it was misplaced? Did God forget to write it down in my story.

    Soul searching for a better me, how long is it going to take? Months? Years? Or eternity. Just want someone to listen and understand without being quick to judge so easily. As I sit here writing this melancholy letter, I ask myself what is peace.