• morlorn 23w


    Wake up, you are still asleep.
    You dove in to the darkness too deep.
    And now you blamed us because you weep,
    But you were the one who recklessly leaped.

    Plunged into the darkness willingly.
    And now you are trap in a dream.
    Where there’s nothing you can see,
    nothing you can do, but scream.

    You wanted to be left alone,
    so you locked yourself at home.
    But it wasn’t the cure.
    In the darkness you were lure.

    You thought it was your friend.
    Where you can hide your pain,
    but what you saw was a dead end.
    And it made you insane.

    As you crawl towards the light.
    You realized that you’ve lose your sight,
    you thought that the world was too bright.
    But the night was a fright.