• secondchild 10w

    The thought that bind us together is stronger than those photographs and emotions and the life we are in right now.
    And in that thought I see the reason why we are always connected. Yes we are.. Miles away with no contact but A bond that no forensic maniac or psycho expert can remove from us.
    Differences,fights, ego still exists along with that thought that repels everything that tries to blurr the time we were together .
    You know, how ups and downs and that little vacation in-between is bisecting us into belief and faith and still when we go to sleep after getting high on drugs or drinks or emotions, we finally re unite and that rest we get bring us A hope of reuniting the two end.
    Thought could not be taken out, not like this through words, sentences.. No.
    It should remain untouched and preserved in every part of our DNA and our soul, No matter what . We will never break, that's A promise.

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    Lets celebrate our life in our dreams together,
    until we meet.