• avianna_grace 23w

    Lust Or Love (part 6)

    Before he could say anything, I jumped in, "I mean I get it was a big deal because that's your brother, but none of y'all had feelings for me at that point any way."
    "It sucks you never got the hints."
    "What you mean?"
    "Hanging out with you damn near every day for a year and never tried to hit."
    "Because you told me we were never gonna happen because of Twan!"
    "Well you know the truth behind that now. Why do you think I hate Tre so much!?"
    "Because he made me cut you off?"
    "Ok, yea, but the motha f**ka took my girl, Lace! You were suppose to be mine! I should've been told you how I felt."
    "So that's why you, Kevin, Deon, and Mark jumped him, huh?"
    "Look, the day Kevin and I was talkin' sh*t to him, we were on our way to your house too. I seen him and just got so mad. I knew where he was headed and I really had to talk to you."
    "Talk to me about what? You had my number! I knew it was you! Y'all didn't have to take it to jumping him Rayquan!"
    "I was finally going to tell you how I felt about you. I had to tell you face to face. I really cared about you, I still do. Why do you think I always found you on the internet!? Yea, I was lookin' for a quick f**k too, but I was mainly hoping to find you. You make me feel different, a good different. I never planned on settling down and getting out my player ways, but when I'm with you, I feel like this is where I'm suppose to be. I love you Lacy, I'm in love with you."
    Woah! Hold up! Is this for real? Did Rayquan Rogers just confess his love to me after all these years, or am I trippin' off this vodka? And did he just call me Lacy instead of Lace? He never calls me Lacy unless he's serious. I threw the vodka bottle, jumped on him and start taking his shirt off.
    "I love you too Ray!" I start kissing his abs and slowly working my way down.