• timyybabs 9w


    I got caught up in my leave-stay matrix,

    I dashed for the space between leave-stay.

    Found my heart racing for this love; pure acrobatics.

    Our zodiac signs didn't match, but love was the basis.

    We stared at the clock while holding hands 

    Hoping our love would stopwatch .

    I fell out of love, but with a one-sided scar.

    Had to hide from the pain, so I got an avatar.

    No bruises or sprain, but the heartbreak was visible.

    I didn't talk much, but I wished my pain was audible.

    Internal bleeding but no external tears.

    I laid down quietly and said my prayers.

    Next morning; shoulders high, heart suspended

    Folks around me, but I felt deserted

    Warm hugs, cold tears.

    Big smile, loud cry 

    © 'Timi Babs