• zeppuh_gangmei 6w


    Smile’s a gift of divine to heal an ailing soul,
    Found in abundance when love’s all abound,
    'tis a gem which cannot be sold,
    As it worth more than the gold of Babylon.
    Smile’s a genteel link to reach the stranger,
    When words remained unspoken,
    A tiny glint sparkles from the sombre corner,
    To make a bond strong and unbroken.
    Smile’s an indelible colours of floruit health,
    Comes from the wellspring of human's goodness,
    'tis a nectar of life and a godly wealth,
    'tis a choicest blessings to win heart and kindness.
    Smile’s an unspoken language cognized by all,
    A bounteous alms for deadened soul without a call.