• iyanda 11w


    It appears to be yesterday
    When the intruders banged in
    Against our comfortability of peace
    Yet, they were welcome
    For they proved superiority
    So, we granted them condo
    After some bygone days of their arrival
    Our existence with them became unharmonious
    With our sense awakened for self-government
    We started breeding obstinacy passed on
    And implanted into their porous skulls
    Believing the notion worth fighting for
    The concerned elites' mind began to pant in the struggle
    Until the strait got expounded
    Following a series of conferences conferred
    These forcibly saw them off our land

    After some years went by
    They migrated down
    With their ancient aim shrouded
    By promising to alleviate poverty
    The treaty got conception
    Rendering the spite towards us obscure
    They built companies With limited benefits
    They executed some favourable amenities
    But, the ancient aim remained irrevocable but reformed
    The companies become awash with the then chased people