• rustiee 36w

    New Demon

    From "being at the null"
    To "nowhere to be seen"
    I think I've achieved
    I see things as rays of lights
    Of blue, of purple, of golden, of white !
    I catch instants with the blinks of my eyes
    Saying my hello's to the passer-by's !
    Just right now I'm right in here
    In a moment, I'd be on the other part of the world !
    My heart beating a million times a second
    My blood being whirled !
    My brain teleporting, my body contorting
    My existence has swirled !

    I think I've attained the god speed
    & Now I just would not be curled !
    I've had fallen a million time before, that's true !
    But now, I'd rule the underworlds !