• jyoti_krishna 6w

    Stars and the Moon may seem like a fantasy to you...And slowly your mind starts taking illusion for reality, leading you to misbelieve that these are perennial. But then a night will come with no traces of either of them. It's just you and the sky inked with darkness. That's when you'll wonder whether the darkness was always there. Yes, it was. Perhaps the darkness never saw you just as you didn't. Perhaps it was busy admiring some ephemeral elements like you. But now finally, it's just the two of you. You shouldn't waste time blaming the moon and all the stars for leaving you alone... Instead be thankful to them as their departure has helped you unite with the darkness that'll stay for a lifetime.

    Never criticize people who came into your life, gave you hopes and dreams and then left one day shattering them all. Because admit it or not they were a reason you had smiled long ago and they're the reason you're with the person who you were meant to be with.

    "In the deeper midst of the ocean with many seaweeds you'll always find a clam with a pearl inside."