• reemagm 9w

    She left home and made her own
    Which homes people without homes
    Food shelter roof
    Basics pivotal
    Lepers sick ailing
    There was no wall
    Unconditional sacrifices
    Testifies the authenticity
    She was connoisseur of kindness

    Born few years apart
    With same kindling warmth
    Pretty petite princess
    Teacher of a school
    Doe eyed dreams
    On a prince charming she drooled
    Slaps of reality churned out the Mariam out
    Breaking protocols princess mingled with the crowd
    She was connoisseur of simplicity

    They felt,they had undergone
    They understood in their separate circumstances and realms
    Its selfless love that could
    Preserve their cherished dreams.
    Their noble souls perhaps still try to convey, before anything else
    One should be the connoisseur of life , not own but life of others.
    It doesn't hurt to be lovable..!!!