• salvi_jasrotia 9w

    Oh Rain! Cage the birds of evil in your droplets of water before hitting earth,so that they could be vanished.Spread eternal love and show your sympathy.
    Today,I recalled all those childhood memories spent in those bright monsoons,while water was continuously showering from heaven.

    Hug this world, take it in the arms of heaven and let evil take place in hell!
    Let the tears of my loved ones wash out with your bursting, sprinting droplets

    The fragrance seeking solace of soil recalls all those nostalgic moments of childhood. I wish I could get all those back.Your presence has unique appreciation and comfort.
    Oh Rain!the serenity in your presence directly connects to my soul,heart and mind. Today,sitting alone and knitting the verses from my heart with setting sun,the light of hope gradually worked and my heart still craved for your presence.
    And the moment took my heart away ,when fierce and smooth wind blowed and finally your first droplet kissed my forehead taking all my evils away and the smile which was darted on my face due to your extreme presence became horizon between evil and love♥️

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    Rainy day

    Oh Rain! Cage the birds of evil in your droplets before hitting earth.Spread eternal love and show your sympathy

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