• cfceledio 5w


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    Missing You

    I wake up again in the middle of the cold night
    Wondering what are you doing and if you're alright
    You that once become my light
    And made my life shine so bright

    Darkness witness all the grief and agony I've been through
    The tears that I shared with my pillows every time I think of you
    The longings whenever I remember our happy memories together
    And the realization that it won't happen again stabbed me to death and I don't know how to recover

    I badly missed everything about you
    You're presence that make my heart beat so fast
    The warmth of your hug and your sweet smiles that'll always last
    Those few reasons that kills me knowing that I won't be able to experience it again with you

    Everything seems so odd since you've been gone
    I don't know how to deal with it and I badly want to run
    I wanna escape everything and thinks that it is just a dream
    Hoping that the moment I wake up I'm still in your arm