• im_animeshmishra 6w

    Teenage Love

    Love can happen at any age. It sees no boundaries and age limits, and this is true to some extent. But if I've to talk about teenagers, it's mostly attraction.
    Majority of the people here will joke about teenage love.

    The thing about teenagers is that they are very hormonal, and as they grow up, they start craving emotional connection.

    The feeling of getting attracted towards other can be seen mostly during teenage , and this happens very easily. For example, if a girl comes to me and says"I miss you. I like talking to you.", I'll just brush it off, but there's a high chance that the teenager will start thinking about that person, just becauset hese things are new for them.

    Well, I'm not denying it isn't love or teen love can't last. However, teen love has some specific challenges that usually don't apply to adult relationships.

    Teenage love stories hardly succeed. So even if you fall in love at an early age or choose to come into a relationship,then at least make sure you're practical.
    If you know what I mean by the last sentence then good for you. Can't addmore.