• streetkrest 4w

    Just Tea

    I've been missing out on a lot of
    Interesting topics on Facebook
    Just couldn't get enough bundles
    To watch them videos like this one
    From Beijing about the Chinese tea
    Culture that dates back centuries
    Ago and I'm reminded that one cannot
    Go bad with a good cup of tea nice
    Ambience and welcoming folks back
    At home where I live in Kiambu
    A few minutes drive from the capital
    Nairobi tea is a big part of our family
    I wake up at six am prepare for
    Breakfast tea and some of last night's
    Dinner a good cuppa will help you wake
    Up so I drown a number of cups and
    Leave the rest of the tea for later when
    My parents get out of bed and it's been
    Said of us that we rent to drink lots of
    This liquid I mean visitors are always
    Welcome to our humble abode and
    Our rosemary tea with ginger is always
    Ready to greet guests so now I'll be looking forward to seeing more clips
    Of Facebook and savour the culture and customs of different people and