• maagiee 10w

    Just want to jolt down my feelings. Today will be my one of the favourite day till now ��. Loved your company which makes me feel better and even more confident. Just made me fall for you once again deeply in love. Your presence make me feel lively and I always feel like butterflies in my stomach when you are around. Just don't want to leave you and want to cuddle up with you forever ��. I know it's not possible but....for someone special I'll make it possible one or the other day����...When I just turned around and saw you watching me while I was going back to home.... I just want to run back and hug you and want to pause the moment. I know it's not possible but for someone special I'll make it possible �� may be some other day. I hate these good byes but also love them because they make me realise that how much I love you��. And you are the someone very special to me bp������.

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    Someone Special