• tunmydee 23w

    Not forsaken

    He came in a strong wind and everyone felt the gentle reassurance of his touch in the breeze,save me.
    He came in the clouds,torrents of rain,generous showers ,to quench thirsts. Everyone felt comforted,save me.
    He came in the fire,the sparks,the ignition, the warmth never got to me.
    Then came the earthquake, I thought perhaps he would remember me amidst the rumbling and jostling.
    Perhaps he would shake me out of phantom zone,but then everyone got a reawakening,save me.
    Just as I thought I'd been condemned to the assembly of the forgotten,he came in the still small voice and said to me,
    "The day we met,you weren't on a search for me. I found you myself when you least expected . How then can I forget you now that you are mine?
    I am with you daughter,till the end of time. Through the rain,the sunshine,the fire,the storm and even the seeming phase of "phantomness".
    I do not come and go. I am with you always."