• that_moody_writer 22w


    Now I know why adults thought making kids stand in the corner was a punishment.
    We grow up and we just keep receding in a dark corner,
    Afraid of things we have felt for so long and now are tired of experiencing.
    All the pain, the loneliness,
    the embarrassments, the failures,
    the losses and the hybrid monsters born out of our fears, make our world darker as we grow.
    We back ourselves up, trying to save what's left of light within.
    And before we know, instead of standing up and spreading the light, we are just backed up in a corner,
    ending up prisoners of our own creations.
    It may feel and I hear a lot of people saying that "Death is the only sweet release",
    But watch that kid,
    always watch a kid,
    hopeful, inexperienced but always learning,
    bouncing back from anything life throws at him/her,
    And no corner in the world stops that curiosity from growing beyond the problems.
    Never let the inner child in you die,
    he/she is the light in you.