• meenatchi 6w

    Standing in the balcony hearing the distant thunders and watching the raindrops fall, melancholy washes over me. Seeing the transition of a bright sunny day, the dark clouds swarm over to block out the sun, spreading its greyish gloom. Sending people running back inside and bringing a certain emptiness. I can't help but draw some parallels to life. It reminds me of how my younger days was filled with bright sunny days. The lil naive me, happy. My thoughts and nights replete with effervescent dreams about the future becoming an adult!
    As time passed on, reality and life being good teachers, the naivete was chipped off with each lesson. And like the storm clouds blotting out the sun, depression greying out my mind.
    But then as the rain stops, I start to smile. Knowing that this has an end, and tomorrow will be a sunny day, in life as well.

    Sriram Rajashekar