• yakshitha 9w


    THE state of being deeply unhappy,
    not that you're one step away from suicide.

    IT'S the stage of no hope,
    Not that you're going to die

    IT'S that feeling of wanting life to finish quickly, but Not that you want to escape from it completely.

    IT'S always imagining a sad future where you are as unhappy as now, but Not that you're imagining no future at all.

    IT'S not wanting to live an eternity the way you're living today, but Not that you don't want to live at all.

    IT'S not that i wanted to die,
    IT'S just that i didn't want to live anymore.

    IT'S my happiness that collapsed,
    Not my confidence and ego.

    A little comforting , little acknowledging would be enough to get me off the edge.

    Empathize or not,
    But don't pity....
    That's the last thing we deserve .