• sakshidubey 9w

    Love : life force

    Love is a passion it runs in the heart and it drives the force of life to assure the revival of emotions of juvenile joys and pangs of pale odes we often sing to console thy soul.
    Love is ballad that mourns the loss and the love itself the glories of lovers lost in time or those who never made it happen within lifetime to sing the glory for all.
    Love is a fuel it ignites the soul illuminate the dark hearts with tender and care for the another but its flames are fierce they burns deep thy soul.

    Love is a battle a few won and a few lost setting a timeline from the past.
    Those battles of love are fascinating
    Where the grounds and arms were lost and only the flocks are left to sung the tales cloistered with marvellous elements intriguing for all.

    Love is a power it transform the heart and the humanity it chastise it charms
    And above all transcends from thy soul to the over soul.
    Love is peace it forgives and further pleads the plea to make the devil of inhumanity sleep so that we can breath in the air of gaiety. And happiness lasts till eternity for all.