• colourfulgreys 5w


    Life is mysterious
    Try finding its meaning
    And you'll get lost.
    It ultimately breaks down
    Into action
    Any action you can do
    To pass your day
    From morning to night
    And your life is all
    Of these actions combined.
    You meet and let go or
    Are made to leave
    People along the way.
    You visit places
    And leave to reach newer shores
    To stay.
    In actions is life
    Without much to musings
    About the beginning or the end
    But just about being there
    In a moment
    Each moment.
    I've written earlier
    And I'll write some more
    But I know nothing of this thing
    Called life
    Except to keep working and be there
    To see
    Another day's light.

    © Harfkaar 12-12-2020 #life_j

    To my friends @sunenasharma @yayinology @tardigrade and @ashamurali
    And to the dragon amidst us! @drag_on

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