• thoughtsofanobody 5w

    Feeling love?

    What is this feeling i have toward you?

    Is it really love or is it something else
    i cant explain,
    Some say this feeling i have may not be true but this feeling that im feeling is the only thing i really want from you
    Maybe we have our own view point of love
    Who really knows?
    But we could have our own vision on what love is...
    Its not just a feeling tho i can be certain of that
    our love has a different meaning that only we understand..
    But what only really matters is how we act upon that
    Maybe this love isn't normal ,maybe one of a kind but the only thing that really matters is you gotta read between the lines..
    Your mine and im yours the outsiders looking in at us are not even important our one of a kind love has there minds a little distorted...