• erathorn 30w


    What is this going on? Why each and every single day we see some devastating, disheartening and disenchanting news on the first page of our daily? Why is all this happening? It seems as if we are living in a world of perverts. Here, we are thinking of developing our nation and there, some perverts, on a regular basis, are doing some heinous crime that makes us feel that humanity has left her hands from us. Why are such people left to roam freely even after knowing that they had done such a virulent act? These criminals need Hitler treatment. Yes, you read it right. Hitler was a ruthless leader. He killed people ruthlessly. For these kind of crimes, we need a 'Hitler Judiciary', some rules and laws that will act instantly.
    Let us make it large. Enough is enough. Can't tolerate this anymore. Rape is a heinous crime and some perverts don't even think twice before committing such a devastating act and if they aren't thinking twice before committing it, then, why are we thinking twice before punishing them. Just "hang them till death" or do something even much more worser than that. These criminals don't have a right to live. They must die or else fear of death will not be there in people who commit such an act. We can't keep silent. We have to take umbrage at this point. Remember, together we can change this world.