• playing_poetics 6w

    If I Come To You

    I'm like that bird fluttering in the sky yet being dependent upon the brink of the tree.
    I don't fear to face the thunderstorms!
    I don't fear to fall during a fly!
    Yes, I'm independent facing my problems, I'm independent while flying in the sky!
    I know how to repair the break downs due to a fall!
    I know how to stay happy alone yet not feeling lonely!

    But someday if I come to you it's probably because I'm not having a clearer perception.
    If I come to you it's probably the end line of misery to me, it's probably because there are so many hurts and breaks on my soul that even when I try to bandage it there is another breaking because of it.
    If someday I speak of my feelings to you it's probably because I couldn't get a space to speak aloud to myself.
    If I come to you and talk about my problems to you it's not that I want a solution but probably because I wanted you to listen to me and know about what wrong I did!

    If I come to you don't think that I am weak but think that you are the last ray of hope to me!