• anonymous_feelz 10w


    Your point, 


                     above my skin.

    I know I shouldn’t, 

    But theres a part of me that needs to draw you in.

        Your edge, 


                through my flesh

    There’s a strange mix of fear; 

    And excitement, or something quite near.

                    Your sharpness,

                            a sting,

                        a fresh wound anew.

    Part of me can breathe again, 

    even though deep down I know the power play is just a feign.

            Your pain.

            distracting me,

                from the chaos in my mind.

    And with every drop

                            of red



    I feel as thought I’m lifted slightly,

    From the fog and mud.

                                        You’re weak,     

                                                     You’re strong

                               You should be ashamed

    But although there’s guilt and anxious nights,

                    I know, your pain,

                                        Will come again.