• ruchi_m 5w

    Dear Me Stay Strong

    Dear me stay strong,
    Doesn't matter how many days have passed wrong,
    One day I will rule over the world,
    And will sing my own song,
    Dear me please stay strong.
    I am being challenged by the circumstances,
    But I can't give up, I can't give up,
    I have to move on,
    I have to find new way to live,
    I can't stop,
    And dear me stay strong.
    If my smile fades,
    How can I make them brave?
    Those who belong to me,
    My smile is their strength,
    It can't be cropped,
    Dear me kindly stay strong.
    Though I am falling down like the London Bridge,
    But I can't scatter my existence,
    I have to build identity my own,
    I can't let it go,
    It is my pride, I will go on,
    Dear me stay strong, and please stay strong!