• aishujude 10w

    A Born Princess

    A woman, born with a beautiful heart and a fierce soul
    Dignity, one of her best robes.
    Self respect, there lies her beauty secret untold
    A Born princess's sufferings being told.
    Be it cramps or severe bleed
    Takes it light as a matter not worth a heed.
    Tired of being called as bossy and mean
    Just because you're smart and your intelligence is seen.
    Strive for perfection to an extent where you would even vex
    As they enjoy finding a loophole to prove that you're a weaker sex.
    Annoyed, yet patiently listen to explanations
    Trying to share your views ends up with hesitation.
    Wish to be acknowledged for your intellect
    Yet seen as an object unworthy of respect.
    Still we stand in a room full of men
    With patience hit the nail again and again.
    Have the courage to rewrite definitions
    And ready to face opposition but never abide to limitations.
    It's high time we put an end for such stereotype thoughts and restrictions
    And it demands a change in mindset, not just men but also women.
    What's the difficulty in accepting that she has a brain to formulae her thoughts?
    Objectifying women... Wouldn't be better if could tie a knot?
    Let's not just stare, when a woman suffers, strife or stabbed with a knife
    Let's not turn blind folded and let them die unjustified.
    At the end you can say "I fought "
    And not just a person who gossips and says to fight was always my thought.