• piyusha_s 10w

    If you ever wonder,
    How your existence really matters,
    Ask yourself a simple question,
    Of why you're such a blunder.
    Ask yourself why God would've,
    Chosen to carve you next,
    When he could've easily,
    Carved another perplex?
    It's not what you don't have,
    And what you could've been instead,
    It's always about how you help yourself change,
    And help the colours spread.
    It's never about your outward he carved,
    Neither about the inner,
    It's all about this game of life,
    And how you become a winner.
    I'n terrible at consistency. I know. But I hate being forced to write. Unless and until it comes from within, don't expect a good piece from me! Feels like I'm weird but that is just what I am!�� Thank you to all of you who have supported me constantly! Let's appreciate the kindest people here like @i_am_ghina

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