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    Math class was a lesson in horror for me. Even to this day I shy away from numbers. Surely I am, a misfit in maths.
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    Misfit in math

    Oh the horror of math class,
    When others could easily surpass,
    Struggling with area, weight and mass,
    Sure I was, teacher's target to harass!,

    Multiplication tables and division,
    Addition and the subtraction,
    Oh the frightening fractions!
    Deadly decimals! Dont even mention!

    Arithmetic, geometry and algebra,
    Each came with an agenda,
    Alpha, beta, Sin, cos, tan, theta,
    Exams sure had me in amnesia!

    Logarithms and algorithms,
    Calculus and theorems,
    Differentiation and integration
    Problems all so burdensome.

    Values, variables, indices in array,
    Complex terms, much to dismay,
    While the rest loved formulae,
    All I wanted was to run away!

    Schools agreed I was a huge misfit,
    To practice sums when I would sit,
    Wondering for whom it will benefit,
    So many times I just wanted to quit,

    Maths, I could never follow,
    There are some truths though,
    Sharing happiness multiplied it,
    Sharing sorrows divided it!

    Friends get easily added,
    Enemies surely subtracted.
    Just requires ego to be let go,
    That's all the math I know!