• dr_jeya_varshini 5w

    Behind every happy and satisfied wife there will be a wonderful mother in law.Hats off to them.

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    Shit! I wanna sleep, But
    Woke up with weep, and
    Mamma laughing there;
    Actually an amusement.
    Uff! What a life, Thoughts
    Stricken and dodged with a smirk
    As my hands-on chin
    Head and eyes downwards.
    Thinking that beautiful event
    In my fuzzy appearance.
    Yup! That's my day of marriage
    Nostalgic about this vintage
    And the rarity of my mom
    Longing, that in mother in law
    Oh, snap! This is too much Nah!
    But I wanna sleep!
    And to be a happy princess forever.