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    Suman(Part 8)

    "How come you got late, Suman?"Meenaben asked when Suman reached home.

    "The scooty broke down, mom."

    "I was worried."

    "I'm fine, mom...just a little tired and sweaty."

    "You freshen up and then come to the kichen to have some snacks."Meenaben said.

    Suman freshened up and went to have snacks. Her appetite was back. She ate her fill while talking to her mom.

    *** ***

    Once back in her room, she picked up a novel and turned on the radio.

    Suman started reading the novel but her heart wasn't in it. She kept thinking about the guy who complimented her on her hair. She couldn't help but smile.

    She got up from the bed and looked herself in the mirror.

    "He was right. I do have beautiful hair."Suman thought.

    "Aaj mein upar, aasman neechey
    Aaj mein aage, zamana hai peechhey..."
    The song played on the radio.

    Suman loved the song and it corresponded with her mood. She put the novel aside and fell into blissful reverie.

    *** ***

    The next morning Suman woke up with a smile on her face.

    She got ready in haste as she couldn't wait to go to college and tell everything that had happened the day before, to Ratna and Kavya.

    Suman had to take an auto as her scooty was in a garage.

    She alighted from the auto and was walking towards her college when someone called her.


    Suman stopped and turned back. It was the same guy who complimented her hair.

    "Hii.!"Suman said.

    "Hii, I'm Sunny."

    "I'm Suman."

    "What are you doing here?"Suman asked.

    "I study here..!"Sunny said with a smile.

    "I'm a commerce student and you?"

    "I'm an arts student."Suman replied.

    "That's great!"

    "I'm late for my class. Nice to meet you."Suman said

    "Nice to meet you too, Suman.
    But before you go, I saw that you came in an auto today. If you don't mind I can drop you home in the evening."

    Suman was surprised to hear that. She got lost in thought.

    "So what do you say?"Sunny asked.

    "Yes..!"Suman answered.