• dawordbender 5w

    Mirror Mirror Too


    What do you see when you look at me!
    detrimental & obscurity
    I’m surrounded by failure, but it builds integrity
    success is in the mist I’m just to afraid of what it will do to me
    being productive in my leisure
    I can't see how it has improve me

    With all the achievements my potential has ruin me
    I abused my father's teachings, now life is using me
    a waste of an education that would have been useful if I chosen it to be
    I prostituted my own good nature, so people would remember me
    but time has no relevance once it has pass
    my presences has die you see
    wanting to change my ways won't allow this it seems
    so I struggle everyday plague by stupidity

    What will they say about me!
    half man half amazing
    the man is an asshole the amazing part is how he can be so cold
    a lot of great qualities their
    just dead to the people that love him the most
    an unfortunate thing because we all wrestle with our own ghost

    What do I think!
    trials and trabeculations creates a strong character
    so when looking at me
    notice my pain, shame, failures and gain
    go beyond the vanity and see the heart of a man
    GOD has made me to be
    admire my body of work and then try judging me
    I'm the bastard they stone
    and didn't let their execution define me.