• sanikaj 5w

    We're there for you always

    They too have stress 
    Confusing clashes in mind
    Unable to handle their body wrecks
    Don't pressurise them, let them be their ways
    And tell them, we're there for you always

    Don't abuse them
    Lower their self confidence
    They are trying their best to let it go
    Support them, speak words of praise
    And tell them we're there for you always

    Ask them if in any problem
    Ask them if they need help
    Create a friendly atmosphere around
    And listen with patience what your child says
    And tell them we're there for you always

    Suicide thoughts, negativity towards life
    Heavy depression, cuts on hand
    All the thoughts, and attempts
    It's a major issue these days
    So tell them everyday, everytime we're there for you always.