• droneking 6w


    No patience for slow minded people I can't think as slow
    as you
    Always thinking ahead my time is way overdo
    Destined to be king of kings only chosen by a
    So I got a tight grip on it cuz it's only held by a few
    My drive for success stays hungry I can handle more than
    a chew
    Walking my path of passions almost crashed on the learning curve so I smoked and took the
    high road
    Dropping nothing but bombs with half lit fuses for a faster
    Kind like a nickel plate finger on the hair trigger ready
    to unload
    Everyone else's road wasn't big enough so I never really
    Cuz I was taught lead never follow even if the haters come by the busload
    Life of mostly downs because my pain and anger was always elevating
    This road to success was mine for the taking because i came for
    the crown with
    no hesitating
    Greatness is eternal so life is just like a side chick
    Never having to look at father times clock go tick